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28 April 2024

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42Km, 21km, 10km


The BottleButt Bash Trail Run is born out of our love of running and racing in this area with COASTAL Track and Trail Runners. Why save this area for us, when we can share this magical area with everyone. The BottleButt Bash Trail Run in 2024, gives you 3 different distances to experience this beautiful area. It has a distance for all abilities.


This year we have more fun in the forest with the 'Bottlebutt Bash Marathon'. 

laps of the magical 21km.

The ‘Bottlebutt Bash’ is a 21km bash through the magical Burrawan State Forest. Through stunning tracks and trails with lots of hidden secrets and one of these is the ‘Old BottleButt’ Tree.

'Old Bottlebutt', a grand and ancient Red Bloodwood (Corymbia gummifera) tree located in Burrawan State Forest. Old Bottlebutt is unique in its shape - its large flared 'butt' having a massive girth of more than 16 metres just above its base. At over 200 years old, Old Bottlebutt is a towering and unique attraction.

Old Bottlebutt is the main feature on a beautiful 600 metre loop walking track, beginning and ending at the Burrawan picnic area. Old Bottlebutt is a special place, a place to stay and enjoy the sounds of nature.

The ‘10km Bash’ is on a new course this year. You bash through the magical Burrawan State Forest on tracks and trails. You will run past the Old Bottlebutt Tree as well.

We are offering a distance for the new trail runner, to the trail runner that just wants to race or challenge themselves on the trails.

Old Bottlebutt is located near Port Macquarie and Wauchope on the NSW mid-north coast. From Wauchope travel south on the Bago Road 10 kilometres, then turn left onto Internal Break Road and follow the signs. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week including public holidays.

​Race Directors insight into the Bottlebutt Bash Trail Run. “Yes it is a trail race, but we just want you to experience what nature has to offer. She truly does make some magical places for us trail runners to experience.”

Train hard and stay focused and the reward at the end is pure pleasure.

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