Elephant Trail Race

In 2019 the Elephant Trail Race Course will have a slight course change for the 160km and 100km Solo&Team races. It is still a 25-27km course, with approx. 1455m elevation per lap. We will be hosting the Inaugural NSW Trail Running Championships 25km, Ultra-Short 50km and Ultra-Long 100km in 2019, which we are very excited about. We have introduced the Ultra Elite 200km race for the ultimate challenge on this course. This will challenge your mind, body and soul to get through the 200km Challenge.

Friday Night at 8pm sees the start of the Ultra Elite 200km race, (being 1 1ap clockwise +2 laps reverse + 2 laps clockwise + 2 laps reverse + 13km course to finish). At 10pm sees the start of the 160 km race, Saturday will see the 100km course (Solo and Teams of 2), being 2 laps in one direction and 2 laps in reverse. Saturday will also see the 50km course, 2 laps in one direction.


In 2019 their will be Pacers allowed for the 160km (100 mile). Our pacers will not only be pacing but also racing for a 50km Medal. Doing the last 2 lasts in reverse with Death Valley Section included. This is special, as the normal 50km does not get to do this section and if their runner is unable to continue, they will still be allowed to race from 10pm Saturday night solo.


Sunday the 25km and 13km courses take on the Challenge and the FREE Kids Trail Race 2.5km race.

The Elephant Trail Run Race 2018 Inaugural year seen 1125m elevation per 25-27km lap. We have had a fantastic year and we believe an awesome first year.

We had a little trial of the ETR Double Challenge this year with about 5 runners taking on the Challenge. Racing the 50km on the Saturday and if you get back quick enough a little sleep and food and then racing the 25km on the Sunday, only hours later. Remember it is about the Challenge not the distance. Having a rest is not always rewarding but harder, with 75km in total racing.

We have the Club/Team Challenge. Biggest Group/Team/Club over all races. 1 point for every starter including the kids. Get’s the trophy and bragging rights for 12 months. Will it be your Club/Team/Group that takes it out.

Race Directors insight into the Elephant Trail Race. “Yes it has multi directional racing, but it’s not about the distance, it is about the Challenge”

Train hard and stay focused and the reward at the end is pure pleasure.


"Take the challenge and earn the pain"