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23-24 Sept 23


Road Gravel Mountain Course is various distances from 110km, 60km, 40km, 34km (Elevation Gain between 2679m down to 766m)


Saturday 110km - 2679m Elevation (including Pipe Clay Hill Climb)  

                  34km -  766m Elevation  (including Pipe Clay Hill Climb)  

Sunday      60km - 1648m Elevation (including Toms Creek Hill Climb)

                  40km -                             (excluding Toms Creek Hill Climb)

Road Gravel Mountain is only 36 mins from Port Macquarie, 9 mins from Wauchope and 4 1/2hrs from Sydney. The courses are located in the beautiful Hastings Hinterlands.


Races will take place in Bellangry State Forest and through the sleepy rural side villages of the upper Hinterlands, with views to Bril Bril, Cairncross, Frazers Creek, Pappinbarra, Rollands Plains and Upper Pappinbarra, right out to the ocean at Port Macquarie.

You will travel along State Forest and Council gravel and tar roads across the courses.

110Km, 34km Sat
60km, 40km Sun

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